uniCenta oPOS

Web Reports demo

About this demo

uniCenta oPOS Web Reports is a WordPress plugin brought to you by the guys at uniCenta.  It demonstrates how a real-time connection between a store’s uniCenta oPOS database – whether hosted on a single local machine or on a private network or in the Cloud – can be achieved quickly, easily and at low-cost.

This is how the Web Reports demo is set up.

uniCenta oPOS app’ is installed on a machine in a store – can be anywhere in the world – and is configured to connect to a hosted MySQL database.

The MySQL database is running on an Amazon AWS MySQL west-eu instance on a server in Eire.

WordPress – it’s running this site – is installed on a Linux server hosted by a web hosting company in London, England.  The uniCenta Web Reports add-in connects to the MySQL server.

Any data entered into uniCenta oPOS is immediately visible in uniCenta Web Reports.  It could be new Products, the latest Customer Sales and even the final Close Cash position of a store.

Visit our main site to learn more about uniCenta oPOS Web Reports